Heidi Ross


Edison Elementary school

Heidi is a nutritionist and passionate food enthusiast. After years in the food and nutrition world, and making many meals for her own daughters, she is happy to be working the PAHF and SMMUSD to improve our school food. Her goal is to advocate for access to healthy, real food meals that kids want to eat, with a garden and nutrition curriculum for all kids.


Jane Schmitz


Franklin Elementary school

Jane is mom to two boys at Franklin elementary. After completing a PhD in public health, Jane has been teaching public health at Occidental College in Los Angeles. She remains inspired by the reach and impact of the school lunch program in the United States. She enjoys cooking for her family, often launching over-ambitious weeknight meals in cooperation with her husband, and loves her monthly cookbook club with friends.

Harriet Fraser

FOUNDER and chair

Grant Elementary school and John adams middle school

Harriet, originally a family doctor in central London, has been passionate about improving school food since moving the the US from the UK back in 2008.  She has been involved with many projects including Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Chef projects at Grant Elementary School and general fresh food advocacy around children.  She founded the first Health and Wellness Committee within Grant Elementary School which is still going strong today. Mother of three, Harriet cooks fresh for her children as often as she can and likes to teach her children to cook and the benefits of eating fresh healthy food.  

Parent Representatives By School


Edison Language Academy:  Heidi Ross  


Franklin Elementary School:  Jane Schmitz and Mimi Sroka 



Grant Elementary School:  Tamara Roiter 


 John Muir Elementary School: Harley Young



Juan Cabrillo Elementary School:  Tara Buran



McKinley Elementary School:  Stephan Corbel



Point Dume Marine Science:  Roui Israel 



Roosevelt Elementary School:  Leslie Tucker



SMASH: Sarika Sawek


John L Webster Elementary School:  Karin Al-Hardan



Will Rogers Learning Community:  Annaig Pilpre


John Adams Middle School: Julie Pearl


 Lincoln Middle School: Vina Mistry



Malibu Middle/High School: Stacy Rouse



 Santa Monica High School: Harriet Fraser